The Russian Community will construct in Marbella the biggest orthodox temple of Spain

The architect Ignacio García, founder of the study of architecture IGGA, is making the project, which still is in embryonic phase and in the urban development step, the editor Miguel Ferrary writes in La Opinión of Málaga.

The press note is in the front page of the newspaper: The major orthodox Russian temple of Spain will get up in Marbella, where the Town hall has yielded a plot of land of 2519 square meters to the Fundation Iniciativa Ortodoxa.

Nowadays Ignacio García is making the project of this temple, which will include a social center for the Russian community of Marbella and of the region, as well as the own church which probably will follow the classic aesthetics of the religious Russian buildings.

The plot of land in San Pedro de Alcántara has a triangular form and belongs to an urban area that is not consolidated, which will force to attack first the works of urbanization of the area. “It is a plot of land that forms an apple with a park and has a wide zone of observation; the site is very special”, said Ignacio García.

For the design of the temple, “the Spanish architect will rely on the support of a Russian architect who is knowledgeable of the whole characteristics of this type of religious buildings”.

The design of this building has not been over yet. Ignacio García said that the building probably is going to follow the classic style of these temples. In this respect, this type of churches gives priority to the orthogonal form, as symbol of the form of the world, with a cruciform plant on which five domes get up. Four of them usually represent the Evangelists, and the fifth, bigger than the rest represents Jesus’ Grace.

The project, nevertheless, will have a cultural and social center that will complement to the religious temple and that the Russian community will use for the meetings, celebrations and organization of events. This building also will include the housing of the priest who will attend to the church and rooms for catechizing, meetings and, probably, a small room of exhibitions.

The Russian and orthodox community only has at present a small place where celebrates the liturgies, which is at the expense of Dmitry Osipenko, the father and the member of the Patriarchy of Moscow.

The Orthodox Russian Foundation rely the economic support of the project in a group of important persons of influence in Russia, as the director of cinema Nikita Mikhalkov and his wife.

This temple will be the third temple that is constructed in Spain, after one that exists in Alicante and other one that is executed in Madrid, in a plot of land of 756 square meters under the dedication of the Church of Christ’s Nativity.

Nevertheless, and in spite of the importance of the cathedral foreseen in Madrid, the project raised in Malaga could be constructed in a plot of land that is bigger than the temple of Madrid.

The project of this orthodox temple was initially planned in Benalmádena, but the negotiations were not over. Finally the Town hall of Marbella has been sensitive to this request and will attend to the numerous Russian community of the Costa del Sol.

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