Golf designs of García adapted to the morphology of the terrain

Ignacio García is one of the few designers of golf that combines the design of the golf courses with the defense of the environment.

Ignacio García designs ecological golf courses respectful with the morphology of the natural terrain.

García is a designer of magnificent golf courses which are made in an environmentally friendly manner. These are designs that are adapted to the topography of the terrain without modifying the natural network of drainage, to prevent erosion. They preserve the significant topographic elements and they incorporate to the design, to increase its scenic value. And they minimize the surface affected by the movement of land, to reduce the costs of building and to preserve the conditions of the place.


Golf course design © Ignacio García 2009 – Layout with the topographical levels: natural and modified (left). Zoning with altered surfaces and calculation of areas of work (right).

The best way is to adapt the layout of the golf course to the existing topography, says Ignacio García.

With the adaptation of the design to the natural topography, García manages to preserve the environmental conditions of the place, and reduce the movement of land. A relevant matter for the promoter of the golf course, as the majority of the construction site is developed with the movement of land.



Golf course design © Ignacio García 2009 – Layout with levels.

An ecological golf course from the start.

García knows that the establishment of working areas to calculate the volume of land is essential. Only in this way it is possible to reduce the costs of construction of the golf course in an obvious way: by reducing travel within the area of action, offsetting the land removed and avoiding the export and provision of material from the outside of the plot of golf.



Golf course design © Ignacio García 2009 – Affected areas by the earthworks.

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