Renovate your home with IGGA

Get a renovation that increases the value of your home.

A good reform is one that manages to revalue the value of your home, and at IGGA we know it. Our regeneration and rehabilitation projects in isolation and energy efficiency achieve significant savings in energy consumption. And the updates of the facilities, of the bathroom, kitchen, floors, doors, windows, or elimination of partitions, are offset by the revaluation that the house achieves.

We are committed to the renovation of the housing stock.

Our most recent home renovation project is located in one of the most sought-after urbanizations in Marbella. It is a project for the reform of a single-family house with an outdated appearance, built more than fifteen years ago.

The intervention devised by Ignacio García, founder of the studio, achieves a radical change with the insertion of new contemporary elements that renew the image of the house and revalue the value of the construction.

Pure lines with a predominance of white on the outside, and a new interior layout that is different from the previous home on the inside, where the interior partitions that are not functional disappear and the rooms of reduced dimensions are transformed into current spaces, open and bright rooms.

The design in accordance with the IGGA aesthetics is current, functional and of quality.


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