Review of the technical documentation with GTT in Havana

The prestigious Spanish architect Ignacio García reviewed the technical documentation of the Championship Golf Design and of the Club Design with the architects of the Technical Group of Tourism in the past days of February in the headquarters that GTT has in Havana, Cuba.

The general designer of the investment attended to the questions of his Cuban colleagues in specialists’ presence of all the entities that take part in the investment.

The specialists of GTT verified that the technical documentation of the Project that has elaborated the study of architecture and design of ecological and sustainable golf courses “Ignacio García Golf Arquitectura” fulfills the scope of the Cuban Norm NC 69: 1999 “Requirements of scope and content of the technical services for tourist investments”.

The event organized by the investment entity, named Real-estate Company of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Cuba (FAR) – the short name is ALMEST -, will serve in order that GTT emits the Opinion of Approval that needs the investment.

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