Cuba is fixed in Marbella

The architecture practice IGGA, Ignacio García Golf Architecture, based in Marbella, has been chosen to carry out this company.

For more than 50 years Cuba not built a golf course, and now it is going to do so, and with some unknown dimensions in Spain. The “Golf Club Buenavista” will consist of 18 hole golf course spread over a surface area of 800,000 square meters, as about 80 football fields. The design has many similarities with the golf courses of the municipality.

Marbella is one of the benchmark cities in the world in regard to the practice of golf, by its quantity and quality of golf courses. This has meant that those who engage in this segment are great professionals and being able to export their work overseas.

This is the case of the study of architecture in marbella IGGA, led by Ignacio García, who has been chosen to build a stunning golf course in Cuba, a country without any new installation of these features in more than 50 years.

Named “Golf Club Buenavista”, will be placed in Dolores, on the outskirts of the village of Caibarien, 350 kilometers from Havana. The land on which will be built consist of 282 hectares, 80 of which will be golf course, unknown dimensions in Spain, where the largest hovering around the 60 hectares.

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