The first ecological golf course of Cuba

The first ecological golf course of Cuba, Buenavista Golf Club, is a golf course that gives great importance to the environment..

With these words, the architect of the investment Ignacio García began the presentation of the project in one of the hotels of the cays of Villa Clara. The event was convened by the investor Almest, and the Cuban specialists of the GTT / UTIT consulted to the general designer of the investment with the specialists of Emproy Villa Clara and the specialists of the rest of participating companies in the development, construction and management of the golf course (GAE, Gaviota, UCM, CBG).

Designed by the factory of the design of the study of architecture “Ignacio Garcia Golf Architecture” that directs Ignacio Garcia, Buenavista Golf Club is a 18-hole Championship Golf Course that occupies 80 hectares of the more than 200 hectares available in the town of Dolores belonging to the touristic pole cays of Villa Clara. The layout offers the player a great variety of game and strategies in a natural environment of high ecological and scenic value.

The design follows the USGA rules and has been conceived to be the best golf course in the Caribbean. But, above all, the thing that really stands out of the project is its respect for the environment.

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