Ecology that IGGA places in our way

The company of design, architecture and engineering IGGA International, directed and founded by the designer Ignacio García, has a commitment to the implementation of ecological pavement on the golf courses for its countless advantages.

The ecological floors are made of renewable raw materials and are obtained in manufacturing processes with natural or recycled products. In pavements and facades, they can acquire the capacity to absorb CO2 (carbon dioxide associated with climate change), to prevent the micro-organisms are fixed to the surface and to reduce GHG emissions (greenhouse gases), NOx (nitrogen oxides, once released into the air by combustion) and SO2 (sulfur dioxide causing damage on health).

Ecological Solution with the quality seal of IGGA.

The golf course designed by Ignacio García on the largest island of the Antilles will have a ecological pavement made by means of prefabricated trusses of recycled concrete filled with substrate for the planting of grass.

A friendly settlement with the environment for a more sustainable construction to improve drainage and the permeability of areas that usually are not, such as the parking areas and rounded boulders, access roads and trails of the golf course. Able to enhance the quality of the landscape of the installation and reduce the negative effects on the health risks from exposure to the sun in a Caribbean place that is exposed to a high level solar radiation.

The system is easy and quick to install, even on irregular surfaces, resistant to the transit of heavy goods vehicles, deformations and cracks, and to decrease the number of scuppers and the contamination of rainwater in the sanitation.

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