02/01/2009     Center of Technification of Golf in Torremolinos.

04/01/2009     Disagreement.

07/01/2009     The City Council approves the initiative.

05/02/2009     First center of technification of golf on the Costa del Sol.

10/03/2009     A Mediterranean residence.

18/03/2009     New association.

27/03/2009     Championship Golf Course in Valle del Guadalhorce.

06/05/2009     Sector Cerro Piña of Mijas.

27/05/2009     The works are paralyzed.

31/05/2009     One of the last paradises.

24/07/2009     Golf course of tourist interest in Las Beatillas.

08/09/2009     From the paper to the green.

19/09/2009     A new company will have to finish the works.

10/11/2009     Ignacio García & Corporación Bradley Golf.

17/12/2009     A green oasis.

21/12/2009     International Competition.


01/01/2008     Ready for a new challenge.

17/01/2008     The work stoped in San Pablo.

12/02/2008     The first golf decree in Andalusia.

25/03/2008     New 18-hole golf course at Santa María.

30/03/2008     One of the friendliest clubs on the Costa del Sol.

14/04/2008     New norm.

05/05/2008     The project will conform the new rules.

15/07/2008     Ignacio García is the best in the nine editions.

25/07/2008     Golf paradise.

01/08/2008     I+D in EADE.

03/08/2008     Making the Executive Golf Course.

20/08/2008     Begins the process against Las Limas de Gaucín.

29/09/2008     Preliminary Environmental Diagnosis.

29/10/2008     The first golf course in Sotogrande.

10/11/2008     Caixa Catalunya get the 100% of Armilar-Procam.

21/11/2008     Masterplan in Sotogrande.

10/12/2008     Location and facilities such as Golf.

23/12/2008     A safe bet.


01/01/2007     SICAGP.

18/01/2007     The dream of half of Europe.

25/01/2007     Agreement between Ignacio García & José Mª Cañizares.

11/03/2007     Mobile protection system designed by Ignacio García.

30/03/2007     Change of plot of golf.

05/04/2007     Two short holes and a practice putting green.

23/04/2007     New design for La Noria Golf.

27/04/2007     New roads for golf carts in Santa María.

01/05/2007     New golf course in Costa del Sol.

10/05/2007     A championship golf course.

30/05/2007     Delivered project.

01/06/2007     The “green oil”.

10/06/2007     Housing with garden.

19/06/2007     Square of celebrations.

05/07/2007     H19 Restaurant.

21/07/2007     Solution is within reach.

17/08/2007     Ignacio García into Brazil.

11/09/2007     Los Alcornoques Golf.

30/09/2007     PGOU in Marbella.

22/10/2007     Ignacio García in the first edition.

11/11/2007     Seconds 18-hole of Santa María Golf.

20/12/2007     New facilities at Santa María Golf.


02/02/2006     More comfortable and with new areas.

07/02/2006     Costa del Sol Golf Guide: La Noria.

07/04/2006     Starter for Santa María Golf.

01/05/2006     New Restaurant Mediterranean Cuisine.

20/05/2006     Institutional wall.

15/06/2006     Top quality design.

21/06/2006     New Starter.

01/07/2006     Luxury villas in Cerrado del Águila.

10/07/2006     Environmental report.

25/07/2006     The project for construction is over.

25/10/2006     Conclude the expansion works.

11/11/2006     Parking facilities.

14/11/2006     Puerto Cancún, a city within paradise.

05/12/2006     Ecological fencing.


13/01/2005     The work begins.

22/02/2005     Hydraulic Project.

10/03/2005     Opens the bridge that crosses the golf course.

16/03/2005     Residential project for tourism in Almogía.

03/04/2005     On the go with 18 more holes.

15/04/2005     Topographic Survey of an existing golf course.

01/06/2005     First phase.

28/06/2005     New hole in the golf course.

06/07/2005     Diagnosis of the environment in Finca Corvite.

20/08/2005     Commercial Plot.

30/08/2005     Golf course with driving range.

07/11/2005     Much more than a terrace.

10/11/2005     An object that does not leave indifferent.

02/12/2005     For more natural tourism.

13/12/2005     Costa del Sol Golf Guide: Santa María Golf.

18/12/2005     Listening and delivering.

21/12/2005     New Pro Shop opened.


10/01/2004     Cortijo Capitán.

18/01/2004     Environmental protection in the Costa del Sol.

22/01/2004     Project review.

01/02/2004     Parcelas a la venta.

05/02/2004     Recognised by Homes Overseas Awards.

10/02/2004     Two designs of 9 holes join in one of 18.

28/02/2004     Ignacio García designs the second holes.

12/03/2004     The Prince of Asturias with the golf course in Andalusia.

20/03/2004     A vegetation cover against the heat.

10/04/2004     Project completed.

15/04/2004     Starts the construction.

12/05/2004     Andalucian Boom.

02/06/2004     First vegetative cover in Santa María Golf.

30/06/2004     With views to the golf course.

14/07/2004     Forest fire prevention.

31/07/2004     A billboard for welcome.

05/08/2004     Santa María Village.

29/08/2004     An example to follow.

15/09/2004     Opening in Santa María Golf.

20/09/2004     Innovate or die.

10/11/2004     A good design that improves the marketing.

05/12/2004     3D Interior Design.

14/12/2004     A rough terrain with flat terraces.


10/01/2003     The beginning of a good golf course.

03/03/2003     Environmental Impact Assesment.

16/03/2003     A video library for organizing our memory.

15/04/2003     Golf Valley at Mijas.

01/05/2003     Cerrado del Águila Golf.

02/05/2003     First choice accommodation.

07/07/2003     Santa María Golf.

20/07/2003     New project of golf course by IGGA.

01/11/2003     Masterplan with golf course in the “Golf Valley”.

16/11/2003     Completed the construction project.

20/11/2003     To test of balls.

28/11/2003     Afforestation.

02/12/2003     New golf course designed by Ignacio García.

10/12/2003     Tourist Development with Golf in Cuba.

30/12/2003     Opening.


08/01/2002     Urban design in Elviria.

28/02/2002     Technical Assistance in Elviria Sur.

12/06/2002     A parking dream.

16/07/2002     Box in wall.

08/08/2002     New practice area.

12/08/2002     Children area.

29/08/2002     Rustic Masterplan in Elviria Norte.


08/02/2001     An ecological farmhouse in Colmenar.

21/03/2001     Masterplan of a tourist complex.

01/08/2001     Ignacio García will lead the construction.

30/08/2001     The start of the first works.

25/09/2001     New road.

28/09/2001     Storm drenage.

12/10/2001     New driving range.

05/11/2001     A farmhouse with many faces.

10/11/2001     A bigger Clubhouse.

30/11/2001     A bird´s eye view of the works.

28/12/2001     Precautionary Measure.


20/05/2000     An exit to the traffic clogging.

28/11/2000     New golf course at Mijas in the hand of Ignacio García.