04/01/2019 Yearbook 2018.

14/01/2019 Structure is done.

21/01/2019 IGGA in Yandex.

08/02/2019 Architecture of shadows.

11/02/2019 Tenth anniversary.

21/02/2019 Golf by the hand of Ignacio García.

04/03/2019 The interior of the villa will be so.

11/03/2019 Architect in Marbella.

25/03/2019 Sustainable architecture.

07/04/2019 Ignacio García teacher.

25/04/2019 Lovely.

01/05/2019 With IGGA in charge.

15/05/2019 A good professor.

12/06/2019 The community IGGA grows in social networks.

18/06/2019 Ignacio García in Yerevan.

27/06/2019 Lo último en diseño interior.

22/07/2019 IGGA en Tiflis.

01/08/2019 Diez años de IGGA en Internet.

10/10/2019 Gimnasio en casa diseñado por IGGA.

18/10/2019 Entrevista a Ignacio García.

25/11/2019 Nuevo proyecto de obra en marcha.

20/12/2019 ¡Feliz Navidad y Próspero Año Nuevo!


02/01/2018 Yearbook 2017.

10/02/2018 Ignacio García in Rome.

22/03/2018 IGGA was invited to the Expo of Sustainable Irrigation.

15/04/2018 A great teacher again for a further year.

01/05/2018 Modern offices well designed.

24/05/2018 IGGA protects personal data.

03/06/2018 New masterclass about golf.

17/07/2018 Our followers are increasing day by day.

20/08/2018 Golf Architect and Designer.

17/09/2018 Demolition of an old house in Marbella.

02/10/2018 Properties of greater value with IGGA.

07/10/2018 Top-class.

10/10/2018 We start.

19/10/2018 Exclusive interior design in Marbella.

20/11/2018 More than 900 press releases.

28/11/2018 The works continue in the villa Casablanca.

04/12/2018 Every hole has something unique.

14/12/2018 IGGA Seasons Greetings.


09/01/2017 Closed the registration process.

24/01/2017 Pivot door by IGGA Architects.

09/02/2017 Reform at Playas del Duque.

13/02/2017 Eight years with you.

20/02/2017 IGGA, on everyone’s lips.

22/03/2017 IGGA Architects gives new life to your home.

24/03/2017 Ignacio García supports the first golf course in Romania.

20/04/2017 Architecture made by Ignacio García on the Costa del Sol.

28/04/2017 La Quinta calls to IGGA to redesign El Real de La Quinta.

02/05/2017 We welcome to IGGA Group Marbella.

29/05/2017 Ignacio García Master Class.

15/06/2017 A house with 30 years less.

23/06/2017 Ecology that IGGA places in our way.

27/06/2017 A beautiful and respectful space with the environment.

12/07/2017 IGGA exceeds 400 followers on Twitter.

12/08/2017 We expand our instalations.

04/09/2017 Our architecture is mixed with the nature.

27/10/2017 We conclude the works of remodeling.

19/11/2017 Innovation and technology at your service.

23/11/2017 Ignacio García.

13/12/2017 Marbella welcomes the new headquarters of IGGA.

18/12/2017 Greetings.


09/01/2016 Experience in the design of ecological golf courses.

13/01/2016 The most seen in IGGA in the year 2015.

15/01/2016 The most commented of IGGA in 2015.

18/01/2016 The 10 most popular projects of the year 2015 in IGGA.

27/01/2016 The beach club designed by Ignacio García in Ogee Magazine.

14/02/2016 Anniversary of our website.

19/02/2016 A delightful garden next to the Sea.

25/02/2016 Four hundred press releases.

03/03/2016 Coming back to Africa.

11/03/2016 The legacy of Ignacio García to the Church.

24/03/2016 We started new project in Marbella.

11/04/2016 Design and management of golf go hand in hand.

26/04/2016 A golf design by IGGA for the Riviera Maya.

19/05/2016 Dissection of the monument to water.

25/05/2016 Demolition by IGGA International.

30/05/2016 Conference of Ignacio García in Alhaurín Golf.

14/06/2016 The basis of a good building.

19/06/2016 IGGA International.

23/06/2016 Ignacio García, a new look respectful with the landscape.

30/06/2016 IGGA is advancing at a good pace its Casablanca project.

04/07/2016 3D Views of the Golf Course in Mijas.

16/07/2016 It´s not magic. Just good design.

22/07/2016 Housing Visa.

01/08/2016 IGGA Golf Services.

04/08/2016 Ignacio García in the Canary Islands.

08/08/2016 IGGA requests license of work.

11/08/2016 IGGA International, architects and much more.

15/08/2016 Ignacio García bets by the dialog between architecture and sculpture.

24/08/2016 For years we have been in the front page of Google, Yahoo & Bing.

28/08/2016 So far as you.

06/09/2016 Landscaping in a site of height.

11/09/2016 Golf course safety.

15/09/2016 Design of a residential tower in Russia.

22/09/2016 Transformation of the real estate portfolio.

26/09/2016 The media says about us.

07/10/2016 Your home as you decide.

10/10/2016 New 3D model made by IGGA.

23/10/2016 At the level of the landscape.

26/10/2016 Golf designs of García adapted to the morphology of the terrain.

31/10/2016 IGGA supports the advanced training courses in golf courses.

10/11/2016 Project of investment in housing for Russians.

22/11/2016 Vanguard architecture in IGGA International.

09/12/2016 Pictures of the start of work.

23/12/2016 Season´s Greetings from IGGA

28/12/2016 Yearbook 2016.


29/01/2015 Advances at Las Mieles.

18/02/2015 The course can be walked quite comfortably.

22/02/2015 IGGA is considering the construction of new luxury homes in the Costa del Sol.

27/02/2015 Environmental commitment.

16/03/2015 Keynote presentation.

19/03/2015 Straight-lined design.

22/04/2015 The Transparency Portal at IGGA.

26/04/2015 We design for you.

04/05/2015 IGGA for mobiles.

21/05/2015 Clever villas.

25/05/2015 The worst ecological disaster in Spain.

26/05/2015 The works that serve as our endoserment.

28/05/2015 Real estate development with golf course.

29/05/2015 Architecture with a human face.

01/06/2015 Spain needs more quarry and passion for golf.

05/06/2015 Consume with Care.

15/06/2015 Unique design at an affordable price.

08/07/2015 Protection and conservation of urban trees.

12/07/2015 Ignacio García is invited to design armchairs.

14/07/2015 Ignacio García is the most followed in Addtiva.

27/07/2015 Ignacio García could design the first golf course for Globalia in Cuba.

30/07/2015 A perfect choice.

06/08/2015 IGGA launches a new online press centre.

08/08/2015 The last of IGGA in costa.

12/08/2015 The new issue of the magazine «golf arquitectura».

25/08/2015 Ignacio García, a designer of reference for Cuban´s golf.

04/09/2015 The promotion of golf, a pending subject in Spain.

08/09/2015 The work of Ignacio García arrives at the University.

16/09/2015 Half a century after its inauguration.

18/09/2015 IGGA storage solution.

22/09/2015 IGGA is an example to be followed also in the network.

29/09/2015 A great ally against the fire.

01/10/2015 Ignacio García in Scandinavian press.

08/10/2015 One of the best golf courses on the Costa del Golf.

15/10/2015 Design of Golf courses environmentally friendly.

26/10/2015 Growing interest in the signature IGGA in the American Continent.

02/11/2015 We´re open to your ideas.

09/11/2015 Ignacio García, a designer who bet on the Sustainability.

14/11/2015 Interior design in Gran Marbella.

20/11/2015 An asymmetric bench with just one leg.

08/12/2015 New villa of IGGA in Costa del Sol.

11/12/2015 Now you can read online the IGGA magazine.

17/12/2015 Design with human face.

22/12/2015 Bulletin board.

27/12/2015 Yearbook 2015.


02/01/2014 SEO positioning rises in IGGA.

05/01/2014 A design that resits the rain.

13/01/2014 Design for a plaza at Brussels.

16/01/2014 Ignacio García headed the project of the church.

28/01/2014 The universe of the IGGA Solutions.

01/02/2014 Prince of Asturias visits Cuba´s stand at Fitur 2014.

04/02/2014 Build fast, cheap and ecological.

11/02/2014 The fifth birthday of our web page.

01/03/2014 Marbella, a paradise of opportunities to all luxury.

06/03/2014 Ignacio García receives the support of Zurab Tsereteli.

15/03/2014 Urban and ecological golf.

19/03/2014 With the design crosses borders.

31/03/2014 A small golf course with Mediterranean style.

02/04/2014 Ignacio García is in Addtiva.

09/04/2014 Ignacio García meets with the director of the MMOMA.

20/04/2014 Cerrado del Águila will have its second nine holes.

16/05/2014 IGGA in DomExpo Moscow.

18/05/2014 Increases the number of followers in social networks.

03/06/2014 Sleeping the sleep of the just.

05/06/2014 Modernity and nature.

20/07/2014 We continue to improve the web for you.

17/08/2014 More than 50,000 visits.

19/08/2014 Golf in Ceuta.

24/08/2014 Your new home in the Coast, by IGGA.

18/12/2014 The newest course for golf course management in Spain.


04/01/2013 The growth of visits to the web in a year.

06/01/2013 Caibarién between the elected.

07/01/2013 Professional Project Management.

15/01/2013 European Green City.

24/01/2013 Marbella bets for the Russian market.

02/02/2013 Cuba is fixed in Marbella.

18/02/2013 Plan for adapting to the decree of golf.

27/02/2013 Corporate Image.

03/03/2013 A blog of success.

22/03/2013 Ignacio García begins the design of new web.

31/03/2013 Benchmark in the design of golf courses in modern style.

06/04/2013 More than 30,000 visits in 14 months of activity.

07/04/2013 Design and development of residential complexes.

08/04/2013 A walk open to the public.

13/04/2013 Ignacio García visits Costa Ballena Golf.

19/04/2013 The first Orthodox Cathedral in Andalusia.

20/04/2013 Marbella cedes a plot to build an orthodox temple.

22/04/2013 A center orthodox workship unparalleled in Spain.

02/05/2013 A magnificient temple.

06/05/2013 Ignacio García designs a beach club for golfers.

16/05/2013 Ignacio García started the setting of the project.

25/05/2013 Concert of winners.

05/06/2013 A plan that enhances the security in the golf course.

07/06/2013 The Russian Orthodox Church open the first temple in Madrid.

11/06/2013 Costa Ballena.

19/06/2013 Orthodox Ceremony on the plot of the future Church.

23/06/2013 Three hundred press releases.

25/06/2013 Ignacio García with the young students.

01/07/2013 A church with the needed height.

11/07/2013 Safe for everybody.

21/07/2013 Ignacio García in Golf Industria.

27/07/2013 Great Gala of the Order of Saint Lazarus.

26/08/2013 IGGA is about to premiere his latest web page.

30/09/2013 Ignacio García unveils new website.

02/10/2013 The city most expensive in the world.

08/10/2013 Ignacio García in the first page of Google and Yahoo.

11/10/2013 Backing to the golf course.

15/10/2013 IGGA & RuCosta.

18/10/2013 The Alima Palace Hotel opens its doors.

22/10/2013 David Charles Thomas dies at his home in Spain.

24/10/2013 New blow to the golf courses in Andalusia.

25/10/2013 Russia in the crosshairs of Byron.

29/10/2013 Ogee Design Magazine interview to Ignacio García.

31/10/2013 Ignacio García in the web of all the companies of golf.

04/11/2013 Ignacio García tends a bridge in social networks.

07/11/2013 Processing of Hearing.

10/11/2013 Aboriginal remains appear in Dolores, Cuba.

12/11/2013 The father of the future temple orthodox speaks.

14/11/2013 Great welcome to the blog of IGGA.

17/11/2013 Another way of building.

12/12/2013 A claim to creat business in Marbella.

18/12/2013 Seven entities submitted allegations.


10/01/2012 Great satisfaction for nature lovers.

19/01/2012 The best nine hole golf course on the Costa del Sol.

10/02/2012 Ecological golf course.

11/02/2012 Revolution golfarquitectura.com

02/03/2012 The house of the liturgies.

16/04/2012 Procedure to obtain the declaration of tourist interest.

02/05/2012 Will be expanded the recreational options in Villa Clara Keys.

28/05/2012 Agreement among Ignacio García & SAF Corporate.

02/06/2012 River´s dream.

15/06/2012 The endangered new golf courses in Andalusia.

24/06/2012 Ignacio García and Unis Properties.

26/06/2012 An unexpected turn for the project.

03/07/2012 Ignacio García in the charity dinner of St. Lazarus in Marbella.

10/07/2012 The biggest Orthodox Russian Church of Spain.

18/07/2012 Oiza to a step of the holiness.

01/08/2012 Ignacio García observes deficiencies in the decree of golf.

06/08/2012 The interpretation of sign.

10/08/2012 Great contribution of Unis Properties.

11/08/2012 A mobile seat.

17/08/2012 Architecture for everybody.

25/08/2012 The Town Hall offers a plot without urbanize.

13/09/2012 A step ahead of the modernism.

24/09/2012 The biggest orthodox temple of Spain in Marbella.

28/09/2012 A unique garden.

04/10/2012 Two hundred press releases published.

05/10/2012 Outside of the protection zone.

08/10/2012 Goal reached in the third quarter of the year.

09/10/2012 Good news for the orthodox Russians in Marbella.

15/10/2012 Comments about the project.

17/10/2012 Plan, organize, secure, manage, direct and control.

31/10/2012 AAGG expands horizons.

01/11/2012 Award winning short film.

05/11/2012 Ignacio García in the Dance of the Flowers.

13/11/2012 Ignacio García is a reference in Cuba in the design of golf courses.

28/11/2012 The number of golden domes made in Spain increasing.

30/11/2012 Gaviota bets on the family´s luxury tourism.

02/12/2012 Costa del Sol could have two Russian orthodox temples.

03/12/2012 We welcome the 20,000 visits to our blog.

04/12/2012 Landing at Moscow.

05/12/2012 The Town Hall gives green light.

07/12/2012 Here is the new Spanish Association of Managers of Golf.

18/12/2012 Orthodox Cathedral in Marbella.

23/12/2012 Christmas advertising campaign.

28/12/2012 Ignacio García in the Baile Benéfico Navideño Ruso.


01/01/2011 Grupo Civiero.

07/01/2011 Ignacio García designs three golf courses in Cuba.

12/01/2011 Name change.

14/01/2011 Conversion into a hotel of a ruined farmhouse.

24/01/2011 Ecoturism with Golf.

01/02/2011 Indio Hatuey.

12/02/2011 Three years of decree and twelve designs in Andalusia.

15/02/2011 The golf more cuban in decades.

18/02/2011 A year to adapt to the decree.

21/02/2011 Ignacio García ein Varadero Golf Club.

08/03/2011 Living golf in natural style.

10/03/2011 Review of the technical documentation in Havana.

07/04/2011 Golf Club Buenavista.

08/04/2011 Almogía Golf, design of tourist interest.

10/04/2011 Clubhouse of International Level in Cuba.

12/04/2011 Opened for everybody.

15/04/2011 Green by the four sides.

16/04/2011 The first hangar of golf in 60 years in Cuba.

17/04/2011 Ignacio García designs a golf academy in the Caribbean.

18/04/2011 A green site.

19/04/2011 Buenavista.

20/04/2011 Security on the golf course.

22/04/2011 A design that´s worth two.

25/04/2011 The Cultural Heritage in the golf course.

17/05/2011 A large residential area in Havana.

23/05/2011 Ignacio García visits the city of Santa Clara in Cuba.

30/05/2011 Ignacio García in the heart of Africa.

01/06/2011 Environmental Impact Study.

05/06/2011 A model that does not redound to the progress of the sports.

17/06/2011 The draft complies with the Cuban Standards.

06/07/2011 New beach club in Marbella.

10/07/2011 The first ecological golf course of Cuba.

23/07/2011 Ignacio García in the charitable dinner against the leprosy.

21/08/2011 Guidelines for interior design.

22/08/2011 Presentation of the beach club project.

30/09/2011 The State takes CatalunyaCaixa´s control.

20/11/2011 Santa María Golf, 20 years.

24/11/2011 Environmental License of the project in Cuba.

11/12/2011 A small respectful hotel with the environment.


15/01/2010 Sanctuary of diversity.

16/01/2010 The design of the golf courses.

23/01/2010 Great success.

29/01/2010 The complex gains the medal of the best design environmental.

30/01/2010 Project of tourist interest in the process of public information.

01/02/2010 The endangered new golf courses in Andalusia.

23/02/2010 Allegations to the draft decree in Andalusia.

17/03/2010 Monograph of Ignacio García.

12/04/2010 Treaty of golf courses in Andalusia, by Ignacio García.

04/05/2010 A awaited announcement.

07/05/2010 Selected to undertake the development of a golf course in Cuba.

15/06/2010 Not enought.

07/07/2010 Ignacio García explores Dolores.

09/07/2010 Los Flamencos.

26/07/2010 Championship golf course in Equatorial Guinea.

28/09/2010 IGGA designs a golf course with sugar´s taste.

03/11/2010 New residential complex and golf course of 45 holes.

30/11/2010 The project of Ignacio García for Catalunya Caixa.

03/12/2010 The characteristics of the Project were presented in Cuba.

04/12/2010 Experimentation´s centre.

05/12/2010 New Clubhouse in Dolores, Cuba.

12/12/2010 Golf Course of tourist interest in Marbella.