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Yearbook 2016

All the most important news of IGGA that have marked the year.

Golf in Ceuta

To strengthen the tourist boom of recent years in the autonomous city.

Processing of Hearing

IGGA presents allegations to the draft decree amending the Decree 43/2008 in Andalusia.

A blog of success

The blog of Ignacio García Golf Arquitectura celebrates its first anniversary with record number of visitors.

Landing at Moscow

Ignacio García presented the projects of his company in the business center of the capital of Russia.

Golf paradise

Land for the construction of a residential area with golf course in Sotogrande.


Integral Service for the collaboration and advice of golf professionals.

Andalucian Boom

Demand by tourists avidly seeking out sun and golf is encouraging the creation of new golf courses in Andalusia.

Precautionary Measure

The provincial delegation of Environment paralyzes the work in accordance with the Forestry Law of Andalusia.

House Museum

Ignacio García performs the lifting of the "Casa Museo Sorolla" in Madrid.